Vision & Mission


  • To become a center of excellence in human resource development, science, technology and arts that excels in having strong character, civilized and mastering the sea-island based knowledge.



  • To improve the education quality in order to graduate qualified personal that has competency in the sea-island base knowledge.
  • To develop science, technology and arts through the sea-island based researches that have international qualifications.
  • To implement and disseminate the study results in science, technology and arts for the purpose of community developments.


Objectives :

  • To established a fair and prevalent higher education service to all level of community.
  • To graduate students and produce scientific works with the sea-island orientations that are able to compete in the local, national and international market.
  • To provide education and research facilities that conform with the National Standard of Education qualifications.
  • To establish the University as a place of academic community that has potential and excels in the sea-island based knowledge.
  • To establish a scientific culture that upholds truth, justice, openness, critical, creative, innovative, and perceptive towards the dynamics of changes, in regional, national and international scopes,
  • To establish a well-managed organization and a firm management within the university which is fit and accountable.


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