Unpatti Held Training on Student Creativity Program

Poka, 10 August 2017. Unpatti held a training activity of Student Creativity Program in 2017. This activity was conducted for 2 days starting from 10-11 August 2017. The activity, which is held in 2nd floor of Rectorate Unpatti building. It was attended by lecturers and 200 students from all faculties. Vice Rector III Drs. J. Madubun, M.Si. who gave the speech and officially opened this activity said this training is one of the programs that are prepared for Unpatti students so that through this training the students would gain more understanding on how to write a good proposal based on the expectations.  It is aimed so more UNPATTI students can pass to the National Students Scientific Week. He hopes that through this PKM Training, students are able to be more innovating, doing more research and spreading more brilliant ideas in their proposal contents.

vc4 at pkmThe chairman of the Organizing Board , Ir. Latuhorte Wattimury, MT, in his report said that this training is a continuation of the socialization which was previously conducted in July for nine faculties where the socialization is looking for local contents. Each faculty provide general explanation related to PKM. This training is aimed to prepare students to perform better on how to make a good proposal hence it can pass the selection stage.

The activities were carried out for 2 days and presented  two speaker persons; Prof. Dr. Ir. Sulistiono, M.Sc Lecturer Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science IPB with topic Rules and Tricks of proposal writing, and  Dr. Ir. Marleen Sunyoto, MP Lecturer from the Faculty of Industrial AgricultureTechnology of Padjajaran University with topic Student Creativity Stimulus.

pkm 2017At the end of the training, the question and answer session were held.  In the first day, both the speakers gave the opportunity to the students whose proposal will be sent to be corrected directly and get feedbacks from both the speakers. (Hotumese).


Vice Rector III Directing Alumni AD/ART Meeting

alumni meeting

(Thursday, 16 March 2017, 15.20 WIT), Meeting to discuss the draft of Alumni AD / ART was held in the office of Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni, Dr. J. Madubun, M.Sc. The meeting was attended by Vice Deans for Student Affairs; Dr. S. Alfons, SH, MH (Faculty of Law), Dr. V. Ruhenlela, M.Si, (FISIP), Dr. Djufri (Fekon), Dr. G. Loupatty, M.Si (FMIPA), Ir. L. Wattimury, MT (Engineering), Head of Student Affairs and Public Relations, F. O. Pattiruhu, S. Sos and M. Soplantila, SH (Kasubbag Humas). Filled with suggestions, specific considerations of the draft was discussed, resulting in an almost complete draft of AD / ART and the need for two additions of material and substance and language in subsequent discussions prior to the socialization and approval.

Vice Rector for Student Affairs Division said that the draft discussion will be proof-read then will be in consultation with the Chairman of Alumni UNPATTI, Dr. Z. Sahuburua, SH, MH, and to determine the next discussion meeting schedule. HOTUMESE