Thanksgiving of One Year of Leadership of Rector

Unpatti, (24 February 2017). There has been a year passed since the current Rector, Prof. M.J. Saptenno, SH., M.Hum. was inaugurated on February 24, 2016. A thanksgiving event for a year of leadership was held and it was attended by Rector and all staff, Lecturers, Deans, Senate Members, Heads of Bureau, Head and Sub-Head of the … Read More

Release of 120 Participants of Sailor Skill Training at Unpatti

UNPATTI, (24 February 2017), Head of Bureau of Academic, Student Affairs, Planning and Public Relations (AKPHM) Pattimura University drs. J. Ririhena, released 120 participants of Sailor Skill Training (DKP) of batch III with ceremonies of activities centered at the Hall of Rectorate 2nd floor of Pattimura University. The release of this training participants is a … Read More

Seminar on the Draft for the Archipelago Provincial Governing Law at Unpatti

Poka, 20 February 2017. Chairman of the DPD RI, Mohamad Saleh in his speech stated that draft of the bill had been proposed a few years ago, even this year after having been nominated as a draft for the bill in governing the archipelagic area of ​​the Indonesia-based archipelago. It has entered the national legislation … Read More

Department of Mathematics of FMIPA pioneering workshop of Academic Journal Management, Writing guide for International Journal and Open Journal System (OJS) Management

Poka, 24 January 2017. One of the important aspects of Higher Education is the aspect of Research and Publication which is part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Education and Teaching, Research Services of Higher Institutions). The research that leads to the publication of research results is an important part in increasing the quality and prestige … Read More

Establishment of Indonesian Journal Volunteer Board in Maluku

Forming of Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI) Board / Indonesian Journal Volunteer Board in Maluku was held in American Corner Room of Pattimura University Ambon which is located at the Main Library Building on January 9, 2017, The event is then followed by the first meeting of Indonesian Journal Volunteer Board of Maluku Province. The formation … Read More

Seminar for 2nd Batch of Community Service Participants 2016/2017

The Nationality Seminar for KKN (community service program) of UNPATTI participants was held on Monday (3/10/2107) in the UNPATTI Auditorium. It was held under the theme of “TNI together with the community:  Empowering the Potential of Maluku and North Maluku Provinces Toward a Sovereign and Self-Governing Indonesia”, and it is aimed towards community service participants. … Read More