New Medical Doctors of the 10th Medical Faculty Graduation Sworn In

Unpatti, 18 January 2018. Medical Faculty of Pattimura University takes oath and inaugurates new medical doctors at 10th Graduation Period in January 2018. The newly inaugurated medical doctors increases the number of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine UNPATTI to become 104 graduates and also increase education activities of Medical Faculty of UNPATTI to be … Read More

Flag Raising Ceremony to Start Working Year of 2018

UNPATTI, 2 January 2018, Rector of Pattimura University, Prof. M. J Saptenno leads the Joint Working Activity of all univeristy’s staffs in the Working Year of 2018. This activity is attended by all Lecturers and Education Personnel of Faculty / Postgraduate and all Rectorate units as well as the Vice Rectors, Deans, Post Graduate Director, … Read More

National Transportation Research Competition

Poka, 20 September 2017. The National Transportation Research Competition of 2017 was held at Pattimura University at the Institute and Community Service (LPPM) of Unpatti Campus in Ambon. It is the fifth annual agenda that aims to provide a venue for the general public to contribute creative and innovative ideas in the field of railways … Read More

Unpatti Held Training on Student Creativity Program

Poka, 10 August 2017. Unpatti held a training activity of Student Creativity Program in 2017. This activity was conducted for 2 days starting from 10-11 August 2017. The activity, which is held in 2nd floor of Rectorate Unpatti building. It was attended by lecturers and 200 students from all faculties. Vice Rector III Drs. J. … Read More

Unpatti to send 13 Representatives to the 15th National Student MTQ Competition

Poka, 25 July 2017. The development of the young generation entirety is not sufficient only in its physical-intellectual aspect, but must also build their mental-spiritual side, from primary, secondary and tertiary education. Students, as future generations of the nation, are human resources that need to be educated well, not only limited to the mastery of … Read More

Presentation on Human Rights by Human Rights Ambassador of Netherlands

Poka, 8 May 2017. The Ambassador of Human Rights of Netherlands, Mr. Kees van Baar, presented public lecture on Human Rights issue in general lectures to the academic community of Pattimura University. “Human Rights (HAM) apply equally to anyone, regardless of the condition or how a person expresses himself, but they still have human rights, … Read More