New Medical Doctors of the 10th Medical Faculty Graduation Sworn In

Unpatti, 18 January 2018. Medical Faculty of Pattimura University takes oath and inaugurates new medical doctors at 10th Graduation Period in January 2018. The newly inaugurated medical doctors increases the number of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine UNPATTI to become 104 graduates and also increase education activities of Medical Faculty of UNPATTI to be … Read More

Flag Raising Ceremony to Start Working Year of 2018

UNPATTI, 2 January 2018, Rector of Pattimura University, Prof. M. J Saptenno leads the Joint Working Activity of all univeristy’s staffs in the Working Year of 2018. This activity is attended by all Lecturers and Education Personnel of Faculty / Postgraduate and all Rectorate units as well as the Vice Rectors, Deans, Post Graduate Director, … Read More

Public Service Board Plan Presentation at Kemenristekdikti

Jakarta, 20 December 2017. Held at VidCon room. 10th floor of  Kemenristekdikti Building, Rector Prof. Saptenno accompanied by Vice Rectors and BLU Team (Public Service Board) UNPATTI presented BLU Documents in front of the structural leadership of the Directorate General of Finance Bureau of Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). Prof. Saptenno presented … Read More

UNPATTI Celebrates Christmas

Poka, 18 December 2017. Under the spotlight of the Christmas Theme of Immanuel “God Be With Us”, the sub-theme of “Christmas affirms God’s eternal participation for us to always work and serve with love to bring peace to the earth” at the Pattimura University (UNPATTI) Auditorium. This year’s Christmas celebration is open with the appearance … Read More

Working Visitation of Commission X of the House of Representatives

Poka, 15 December 2017. “Concrete budgeting should be asymmetrical, in accordance with the conditions of the region” said Pattimura University Rector M. J. Saptenno, SH., M.Hum., While attending Working Visitation (KunKer) of Commission X of the House of Representatives in 2017 to PTN / PTS centered in the Rectorate Hall of State Polytechnic of Ambon. … Read More

Acknowledgement and Bonus for Outstanding Students Achievements

Ambon, 12 November 2017. Grateful for the achievements of “Pattimura Muda” in the field of art and culture, last night a special gathering was held at the residence of the Vice Governor, Karpan-Ambon. UNPATTI students have achieved results both from national and international level, achievement of the winner of the National Student MTQ contest held … Read More