Visit of Director of CCR-ARI

Poka, 3 October 2017. UNPATTI, – Located in the working room of Vice Rector I of Academic Affairs UNPATTI, Prof.Dr. Ir. F. Rieuwpassa, MS received a official visit of Director of CCR – ARI (Center for Collaborative Research on Acute Respiratory Infection), Prof. Cissy B. Kartasasmita, dr., M.Sc. Sp (A), PhD, and dr. Nur Atik, … Read More


UNPATTI – USC Explores Cooperation

Poka, 3 October 2017. UNPATTI – received in the working room of Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs of UNPATTI Prof. Dr. Ir. F. Rieuwpassa, MS welcomed a visit from USC Senior Advisor and Indonesian Representative David Shirley from the University of Sunshine Coast (USC), Australia, in the context for cooperation with the two universities. … Read More


Last Preparation of “Pattimura Muda” in Training Ahead of POMNAS

Poka, 3 October 2017. UNPATTI. Just in counting the days to the National Student Sports Week (POMNas) which would be open on 14 October, however, the preliminary round match of futsal competition started earlier on October 10, in Makassar. POMNas is an annual program organized by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Directorate of … Read More


Menristekdikti Asks for Universities to Apply New Strategy to Prevent Radicalism on Campus

#Press Release Kemenristekdikti – No: 62 / SP / HM / BKKP / IX / 2017 Jember, 27 September 2017. The commitment of the government and the higher education in fighting radicalism continue to be done in order to maintain the integrity of NKRI. In his work agenda to Jember, Minister of Research, Technology and … Read More


Police and Jasa Raharja Goes To Campus

Poka, 27 September 2017. Transportation Safety is the dream of all Indonesian people including people in Maluku. When people use traffic / transportation both land. sea or air. everyone wants quality and service quality, and guarantee of the safety of community transport. Socialization of Police and Jasa Raharja Insurance Go To Campus which involves the … Read More


Pattimura Muda Unpatti Prepared for 15th POMNas in Makassar

Poka, 22 September 2017. National Student Sports Week (POMNas) is a routine activity undertaken by the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Directorate of Student Affairs through the organization of the Board of Trustees of Indonesian Students (BAPOMI). POMNas 2017 October will be held in South Sulawesi Province with 14 sports categories: Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, … Read More