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Since Linux Journal's launch in 1994 it has been its mission to serve the Linux community and to promote the use of Linux around the world. A strong commitment to its core values and an award-winning editorial staff have made Linux Journal a favorite among Linux enthusiasts and a well-respected leader in the Linux marketplace.

The oldest publication of its kind, Linux Journal also boasts the largest subscriber base of any Linux publication. The print magazine is available at major retail newsstands and bookstores nationwide and at select retail newsstands internationally. In 2005 Linux Journal launched a digital edition subscription option—the magazine is made available in PDF format and is available instantly to readers around the world at one low price.

As more and more people see Linux as a viable alternative to traditional OSes, Linux is increasingly being used as a primary operating system. Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes, allowing the content to be a highly specialized source of information for open-source enthusiasts.

Linux Journal helps readers find hardware, software and services, and features articles for both newbies and professional users. LJ's content is beneficial to readers by providing in-depth information and expert opinion, and to advertisers by providing them with a way to reach potential customers. Linux Journal readers are primarily industry specialists who frequently make purchasing decisions within their companies. Our readers are those people who use Linux and want to know how to do everything with it.

Each issue of Linux Journal offers articles aimed at newcomers as well as serious technical articles for long-time Linux enthusiasts. Also, for the many business Linux users, we offer articles on commercial uses for Linux. These business articles can be in the form of documentation of a place/job where Linux is being used commercially, technical development of commercial applications or reviews of commercial products.

Print and digital subscriptions are available via:
Internet: http://www.linuxjournal.com/subscriptions
E-mail: subs@linuxjournal.com
Postal Mail: Linux Journal, P.O. Box 980985, Houston, TX 77098 USA
Toll-free Phone: Within North America, call 1-888-66-LINUX
Phone: +1-713-589-3503
Fax: +1-713-589-2677

Advertising in Linux Journal
Linux Journal is the computer industry's gateway to the world of Linux. Whether your product target is the Linux novice, computing professionals or system administrators, Linux Journal delivers. Our no-nonsense tutorials, informative product reviews, and cutting-edge news from the Linux front have made LJ a great resource for readers and advertisers alike. Linux Journal offers you:

To request a media kit or reserve advertising space in an upcoming issue of Linux Journal:
Postal Mail: Linux Journal, P.O. Box 980985, Houston, TX 77098 USA
E-mail: ads@linuxjournal.com
Phone: +1-713-344-1956 x2

Linux Journal is distributed on newsstands and computer bookstores around the world. You should be able to find a copy at a store near you. Try, for example, any Borders, Barnes & Noble, Tower Books or Computer City.

Linux Journal On-Line
Updated daily, the Linux Journal web site is the host of:

Visit the Linux Journal web site at http://www.linuxjournal.com/

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