The Logo:

Logo Unpatti

The logo of Universitas Pattimura symbolizes the following;

  • Pentagon form of the logo symbolizes the endurance and spirit of Pancasila as the ideology foundation. It represents the spirit and all forms of efforts and devotions of Universitas Pattimura.
  • The red flame on the torch (Pattimura torch), symbolizes and signifies the spirit of Pattimura, National Hero from Maluku who fought against Dutch colonialism, died in 1817.
  • Three red flames represent three pillars of higher education functions; education, research and community service. These functions are carried out with noble spirit and heroism.
  • The yellow lotus represents knowledge and wisdom.
  • Three white pearls represent endurance in studying and efforts to uphold the three pillars of higher education functions towards yielding high quality results. These three white pearls and ten lotus sheaths symbolize the birth date of Universitas Pattimura, 3th of October.


By the order of the Presidential Decree No. 66 of the Year 1963 by which the University was officially opened as the public university using the name Universitas Pattimura, then the birth date of the University was changed to be celebrated on the date when the Decree was issued. However, three pearls and ten lotus sheaths in the logo are preserved to retain the historical facts of the University.

Meaning of the Colors in the Logo:

  • Gold-yellow, represents high appreciation and honor towards education sector.
  • White of the pearls, represents purity spirit, education must not be contaminated by the politics.
  • Red-yellow at the torch fire flames, represent burning passion to pursue the three pillars of higher education functions and active in their applications.
  • Blue background represents the marine environment, geographical identity of Maluku Province which comprises of vast ocean and many islands
  • Black in the torch body in the logo has no meaning / symbolizes nothing.


The Motto:
Hotumese means thriving in challenges.


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