Brief History

The foundation of Universitas Pattimura was started when several prominent members of the community took initiatives to establish a higher education institution in Maluku. The initiatives were led by the late Dr. J. B. Sitanala, a prominent member of community in Maluku. He is a doctor, member of the community who has merit in community service, especially in development of education sector in Maluku. The initiatives were taken to accommodate the aspiration of the community to participate in the development of the Nation and the Country and also in science and knowledge.

To establish this noble plan, then a Higher Education Foundation for Maluku and West Papua was founded on 20 July 1955, chaired by Mr. Cornelis Loppies. Later on 3 October 1956, the foundation established the Law Faculty. This date was then celebrated as the birth date of Universitas Pattimura. It was then followed by the establishments of Social and Politics Faculty on 6 October 1959 and Teacher Training and Education Science Faculty on 10 September 1961.

On 1 August 1962, the Higher Education Foundation of Maluku and West Papua was officially inaugurated to become a public university by the PTIP Ministerial Decree No. 99 of the Year 1962. By 8 August 1962, the University had had five faculties, consists of:

  • the Law Faculty
  • the Teacher Training and Education Science Faculty
  • the Social-Politics Faculty
  • the Agriculture and Forestry Faculty
  • the Animal Husbandry Faculty

Based on the Presidential Decree No. 66 of the Year 1963, then on 23 April 1962, the establishment of a university in Ambon was fully granted. The University was named Universitas Pattimura, using the name of a Indonesian National Hero, Pattimura, who fought Dutch Colonial and died in 1817. At that time the University was led by a committee consists of

  • Soemitro Hamidjoyo, S.H. (Chairman)
  • Colonel Boesiri (Member)
  • drs. Soehardjo (Member)
  • dr. M. Haulussy (Member)

Soeharto at Unpatti

Later on 15 September 1965 the Economics Faculty was opened and on 16 April 1970 followed by the Engineering Faculty. The Engineering Faculty was established using former buildings and facilities of Fakultas Teknologi Ambon (FTA). In August 1964, the Teacher Training and Education Science Faculty changed it status to become the Ambon Branch of IKIP Jakarta. The First rector of the Branch was Drs. F.F.H. Matruty. On 16 September 1969 the Ambon Branch of IKIP Jakarta was integrated back to the University which took form in two faculties, Teacher Training Faculty and Education Science Faculty. By 1974, the Animal Husbandry Faculty was formed with the Fishery study program which also changed the name to become the Animal Husbandry / Fishery Faculty.

By the Presidential Decree No. 40/M of the Year 1971, Ir. L. Nanlohy (Dean of Engineering Faculty at that time) was appointed as the First Rector of Universitas Pattimura. Later, by the Presidential Decree No. 69/M of the Year 1976, M.R. Lestaluhu, S.H. was appointed as the Second Rector of the University. M.R. Lestaluhu, S.H. proceeded to the second period as the rector by the Presidential decree. The next Rector, Dr. Ir. J. Ch. Lawalata was appointed by the Presidential Decree No. 89/M of the Year 1985. After that, Prof. Dr. Ir. J. L. Nanere, M.Sc was appointed as the Rector by the Presidential Decree No. 247/M of the Year 1989. In sequence, by the Presidential Decree No. 207/M of the Year 1994, prof. Dr. M. Huliselan was appointed as the Rector. Followed by, Prof. Dr. H. B. Tetelepta, M.Pd  as the Rector for the term 2004 – 2011. The present Rector of Universitas Pattimura is Prof. Dr. Thomas Pentury, M.Si.

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