Logo UnpattiPaparisa is a word from Ambonese language which refers to a shelter built in a garden far from a village. It is constructed using dried sago branches as building material for walls. The roof of a paparisa is made from dried sago leafs which are stick together on a piece of bamboo. The arrangement of dried sago leafs are hold together using special string made from bamboo skin called loleba. Mainly, a paparisa functions as a resting place by villagers or farmers at break time when they are working in the garden.

Paparisa sub-domain represents a virtual on-line place which aimed for publishing various digital resources available in Universitas Pattimura Ambon. It is a place in an academic garden which could be used as a common place for lecturers, staff and students of Universitas Pattimura for the purposes of leveraging and increasing the quality of higher education services provided by the university.

Paparisa website of Universitas Pattimura is a virtual media that is used to enhance the distribution of academic materials and news to support the university to be a center of excellence. At Universitas Pattimura, the word Hotumese is our motto which means thriving in challenges  (Berkembang dalam tantangan) to be a high-class university in Indonesia.