DPD RI Testing Draft of Customary Laws

RUU Legal Test

Ambon, UNPATTI Campus “Brotherhood Campus” (19/03/2018). Faculty of Law of Pattimura University in cooperation with DPD RI Committee 1 led by Deputy Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono held a Legal Test of Draft Bill on the Recognition and Protection of Indigenous Peoples Rights. The event was attended by Civitas Academica of Law Faculty of UNPATTI, representative of PTS / Institute in Ambon City, representatives of the Government of Indigenous Affairs in Maluku, NGOs, other stakeholders. It was held in the Meeting Room of Senate at 4th level of Rectorate building.
The long struggle of the Draft Bill on indigenous peoples is on trial and only in 2017 which is included in the prolegnas. Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono conveyed that with the inclusion of the Draft Bill in Prolegnas 2017, the next step is increasingly open the opportunity to accommodate the thinking on Draft Bill that is related to the regulations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that preach the welfare of indigenous peoples.

Uji Adat Speaker

UNPATTI Rector, Prof. M. J. Saptenno expected through this activity, the positive contribution of thoughts from the participants of this Sahih (validation) Test gave birth to the formulation that can be used for the improvement in its articles, including its explanation so it is not to become ambigous / multi interpretations, so that the existence of the adat (cultural) community which is recognized by the 1945 Constitution is no longer exploited for political purposes. This draft bill on indigenous peoples can bring prosperity to them (Indigenous community).

Several speaker persons and participants submitted critical notes such as the Importance of Understanding on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Maluku. The speaker are Jean Matuankotta Lecturer UNPATTI, Dr. Robert Hammar, Chairman of STIH. Also there were discussion on the problems that exist and occur in the existence and the rights of indigenous peoples, and others that related.

Before going to the event, DPD RI Group took the time to visit the International Standard Music Recording Studio located on campus. This recording studio is a grant aid from Bekraf which was opened on 16/03/2018 by the Chairman of the House of Representatives I Bambang Soesatyo.
Congratulations to contribute thinking, let’s build our nation and state through academic thinking. HOTUMESE!

RUU Legal Test