Public Lecture: “Why Africa remains poor and Asia becomes richer?”

public lecture

Ambon, on Thursday (1/02/2018). The Unpatti International Office in cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta presents Mr. Roel van der Veen, Head of Political Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Unpatti’s “Brotherhood” Campus who presented a general lecture on the theme of Why Africa remains poor and Asia becomes richer by reviewing Asia and Africa: The Causes of Rapid Development versus Continuing Stagnation in the presence of lecturers and hundreds of students held in Rectorate building.

The event was opened by Rector Unpatti, Prof. M.J. Saptenno, who wishes the students and lecturers in the history department to follow the whole presentation in order to gain insight and understanding. Rector also states that the importance of mastering a foreign language in order to study and continue study abroad. “There are many scholarships available for outstanding students who wish to continue their studies abroad, but must be accompanied by good foreign language skills”, said Rector. It is expected that this cooperation can be increased in the future. After opening officially, the Rector gave a number of books by the writers of Unpatti lecturer and souvenir in the form of Unpatti symbol to Mr. Veen.

Activities coordinated by Dr. Merry Nikijuluw (Secretary of UNPATTI International Office) and moderated by Dr. Wilma Latuny (Chairman of UNPATTI International Office). It was filled with enthusiasm and curiosity of the students. Many are satisfied with the answer from Mr. Veen in a question-and-answer session. Also attending the event were Vice Rectors for Cooperation, Heads of Departments and lecturers at FKIP and other structural officials. HOTUMESE!.