Minister Sri Mulyani “Challenged” Graduates from UNPATTI to Work in Ministry of Finance

Rector and Finance Minister

Poka Campus, 7 March 2018. Sri Mulyani Indrawati, S.E., M.S., Ph.D., Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, give a public lecture in front of UNPATTI academic community and other private university students in Ambon city.

Finance Minister VisitsUNPATTI Rector Prof. Saptenno in his welcome speech extended his appreciation to the Minister of Finance, as it was the first visit by a Minister of Finance at UNPATTI Campus that has existed since 1956 until it was inaugurated as a state university under the name of Pattimura University in 1963.

Rector explains the status and current condition of UNPATTI. That the status of UNPATTI is currently as a Unit of Work and is proceeding to the status of the Public Service Board. Where the process is up to the presentation of BLU Documents in front of relevant officials at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta, January 2018. Prof. Saptenno hopes that the process of changing the status of Satker to BLU will be immediately processed and realized.

In the field of higher education development and human resources development, UNPATTI follow up the direction of President Joko Widodo (4/2016) related to the development of higher education and the preparation for competitive human resources graduates in facing the implementation of the project Migas Abadi Masela. In 2017, UNPATTI had opened a new study program in geology and mining and this year (2018), the study program will accept students on other newly opened program (Masela Block scheme) that is Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering Department.

At the end of his speech, Prof. Saptenno, expect the students and academic community to listen and follow this public lecture intentsivelly in order to get insight and understanding regarding the various global economic conditions, national and National Budgeting (APBN) 2018 implementation.

Moderated by Dr. Muspida (Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation), exposure by Finance Minister with the theme of global economic condition and Indonesia and APBN 2018, took place starting with CV presentation, education experience, career journey, and achievement of Sri Mulyani Indrawati. One of her explanation highlighting Indonesia’s economic condition that began to rise despite the economic policies in the ASEAN region and developed countries is an influencing factor.

To the students, the Minister invites them within the implementation of community service (KKN) to be able to help and assist the village officials in managing the village funds. This can be targeted to reduce poverty due to misuse of village funds.

Related to human resources, the minister also challenged the graduate students of UNPATTI to work in the Ministry of Finance. “I challenge UNPATTI students to work in the Ministry of Finance”, he said and was greeted with a big applause from the students.

The event ended with the exchange of souvenirs in the form of the symbols of both institutions and the giving of 3 books written by Lecturers of UNPATTI and photo session together.

Also attended a public lecture held at Auditorium Unpatti, Plt. Governor of Maluku. Zeth Sahuburua, SH, MH. (also as Chairman of Alumni UNPATTI), Forkopimda Maluku Ranks, Group of Echelon I Ministry of Finance, Regional Office of Maluku Finance and Budget and related Office in Maluku Province under Ministry of Finance. Success to the Srikandi of Indonesia Economic, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Let’s Work For Progress and Welfare of the Nation Indonesia. Hotumese UNPATTI.