Inauguration of the First Professor at Engineering Faculty

Engineering Professor

Poka, 25 January 2018, UNPATTI. Faculty of Engineering of Pattimura University is very proud of the inauguration of the first professor at the faculty. Chairman of the Senate of Pattimura University, Prof. M. J. Saptenno confirmed Dr. Ir. Marcus Tukan, BSE, MT as Professor of Transport Science Faculty of Engineering UNPATTI. In front of the Pattimura University Senate Meeting, Prof. Tukan delivered his inaugural address entitled Transportation Connectivity Based on Inland Economic Potentials to Support Indonesian Toll Road. Answering the concept of Government Sea Toll that has been launched and that will be implemented for the purpose of improving the performance of sea transportation through increased connectivity, increased fleet capacity, improving infrastructure and improving domestic and international shipping lines, decreasing dwelling time, eradicating illegal levies and corruption at ports as a major constraint to port performance national, and the increasing role of Indonesia’s marine transportation which currently only reaches 4% of all transportation in Indonesia (Bapenas, Implementation of Marine Toleration Concept, 2015).

Engineering ProfessorPreviously, in 2013, this similar concept has been presented earlier by Tukan through Siwalima local media, Friday, August 30, 2013 with the topic of the Academician Proposal to build Maritime Highway, which is targeted to build connectivity of Ambon Island, Haruku, Saparua and Seram Island as solutions to improve community accessibility and the resulting positive economic impact.


Engineering ProfessorSome strategic things in the arrangement of the connectivity of the Sea Toll are The need for the government to immediately build local flagship supporting industries in the eastern part of Indonesia, re-evaluate the shipping and flight routes, build port facilities and connectivity networks, and most importantly the commitment of all parties to build with real-works rather than rhetoric.


After being inaugurated, Prof. Tukan sits parallel as a member to the other senate assembly members. The inauguration ceremony was ended with a congratulatory session delivered by the Rector to Prof. Tukan and family, followed by congratulations and handshakes by other senate members, Lecturers, other invites. HOTUMESE!.