Hotumese Student Choir Audition for New Members

Audition for New Members

UNPATTI, 27 February 2018, Located on the 2nd Floor of Unpatti Rectorate Hall, Student Activity Unit (PSE) of Universitas Pattimura hotumese held a recruitment of new members for UNPATTI’s Hotumese Student Choir.

Chairman of the Recruitment Committee of Junior Hotumese Choir, Lewantaur hopes that from so many students who registered could be the seeds of better new members that have the potential / talent so that later those selected can join the choir to compete at the local, national and international level events. Participants Candidate members who participate in the selection are forty participants from each study program that become students of UNPATTI in the period of 2015 to 2017. Recruitment process is carried out for 2 days and participants are not charged and the results will be announced by the committee on March 1, 2018.

Similarly, Hotumese Choir Counselor Michael Mailuhu also said he was happy and proud that there is a regeneration with new members that will continue to pass the Hotumese Choir prestige, so that in the future through this audition for new members, the Unpatti students can develop their talents and bring the good name of the alma mater. HOTUMESE!