General Presentation of SNMPTN / SBMPTN 2018


Ambon, 24 January 2018. A general presentation was held to brief potential participants of the program of National Selection to enter State University in 2018 (SNMPTN-SBMPTN 2018). It was carried out by UNPATTI local team, held at SMA Negeri 2 Ambon City Hall. The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. F. Rieuwpassa, and Dr. J. Pagaya, presented the PDSS filling procedure and registration of SNMPTN and Bidikmisi, as well as other related matters. The briefing was filled by a highly interactive question and answer from the attendees which consisted of the Principals / Vice Principals, the operators of school data information services.


Public Relations Center SNMPTN 2018 of UNPATTI, Marlon Soplantila, SH, inform the participants that the official information can be accessed at and Call Center 08041450450 for the detailed information. Information can be downloaded through the official website or for the SNMPTN / SBMPTN flyer 2018. Furthermore, similar briefing will be held in the coming weeks in various districts / cities in Maluku spread over various islands, he added. HOTUMESE!.