Department of Geological Engineering UNPATTI Looking for New Students in 2018

Geological engineering

Ambon, 24 February 2018. Department of Geology Engineering of Pattimura University conducted Socialization Program of Geological Engineering to high school (SMA) / equivalent in Maluku to introduce the newly opened major which has begun its first lecture in September 2017.

Secretary of the Department of Geological Engineering Victor Lawalata, ST, MT in his explanation, ‘This socialization is aimed at getting high school students’ interest to study at UNPATTI Geology Engineering Department. Activities are planned to be held on several cities / districts in Maluku namely Ambon City, Central Maluku District and West Southeast Maluku District. For the first stage, the Socialization of the Department was conducted in several high schools in Ambon City, namely SMA Negeri 3 Ambon and SMA Negeri 1 Ambon (February 23, 2018), and SMA Negeri 13 Ambon and SMA Negeri Siwalima Ambon (February 24, 2018). The second phase will be held on March 1, 2018 in Masohi, Central Maluku District and the third phase will take place in the second week of March 2018 in Saumlaki, Southeast Maluku Regency” he explained.

Geological engineering

The material presented in accordance with the needs of the 12th grade students, namely the introduction of geology, the field of study in geology, the background of the Department of Geology Engineering at Pattimura University, the vision and mission of the department, the development timeline, curriculum, faculty, learning support facilities, and plans for the opening of new study programs (Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering Techniques), which were articulated by Pieldrie Nanlohy, S.Si., M.Si. in the presentation of the material. The socialization of the first stage showed encouraging results as evidenced by the enthusiasm of the students following the serious exposure submitted by the Socialization Team consisting of the heads, staff and existing students of the major.

One of the interesting things is the testimony from the Geological Engineering student (1st intake of 2017) who is also the alumni of the visited school for the purpose of socialization. They shared their experiences with young school students about the experience of studying in the Department of Geological Engineering which is so interesting and full of learning quality activities that is equivalent to the Department of Geological Engineering at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) because the senior lecturers from the Department of Geology at ITB also teach the material and the exact same learning method. Besides, the testimony of the facilities received as a student of Department of Geological Engineering who no longer think about the cost of college, even in the future, they will learn together and blend in the same class at ITB Bandung Campus.

According to the Chairman of the Department of Geological Engineering, Dr. Ir. Robert Hutagalung, M.Sc., “The involvement and testimony of students in this socialization activity is also prove the facts and reality of the material that we present. Even the way they present the presentation of testimony with the packaging style of ‘Jaman Now’ style allows students to absorb the socialization material as a whole “.

The students’ enthusiasm for choosing UNPATTI’s Department of Geological Engineering is shown by critical questions that students ask about college admission selection (test path, requirements, passing grade), lecture process, scholarships, graduate profession and accreditation of study program. In the explanation, also explained the selection of new students for the Department of Geological Engineering who only use the SBMPTN line to get 15 people who have the best graduate school ranking in the selection process in 2018. Also present in the socialization, Dr. Nickmans Hattu, M.Si Lecturer of UNPATTI who is also a graduate of ITB who always answer the question of students who are so curious about the method, process and learning atmosphere in ITB.

Associated with the accreditation, will be implemented if there are graduates with a Bachelor of Engineering (ST) and it is targeted later in the year 2021 the new major will submit a Re-Accreditation. “I hope and strongly believe that the value of his accreditation on the value of A ‘Excellent'”, said Victor Lawalata, ST, MT, as Secretary of the Department. “It is possible to obtain a Superior Value because when the opening of this Study Program, the results of the first semester evaluation by a special monitoring unit of Ristekdikti Team from the ITB reviewer showed a very satisfactory result. The Academic Quality Document contains Data on Teaching and Learning Process, curriculum, library, quality of human resources and learning room facilities that meet the quality standard as it is expected to be a supporting data for the acquisition of better academic value “, he explained.

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