Working Visitation of Commission X of the House of Representatives

Kunker Commission X

Poka, 15 December 2017. “Concrete budgeting should be asymmetrical, in accordance with the conditions of the region” said Pattimura University Rector M. J. Saptenno, SH., M.Hum., While attending Working Visitation (KunKer) of Commission X of the House of Representatives in 2017 to PTN / PTS centered in the Rectorate Hall of State Polytechnic of Ambon. Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

According to Prof. Saptenno, the budget should be in accordance with the conditions of the region in Maluku, so that the existing budget can really fit the target “. In response, Chairman of Kunker of Commission X of the House of Representatives Ferdiansyah, SE, MM, said there is a budget mapping and policy prepared in accordance with existing geographical and community conditions, but the policy should generally be the same. The event that lasted about two and a half hours was opened by a speech from the Director of State Polytechnic of Ambon, followed by presentation of the Chairman of the Commission X House of Representatives, then followed by discussions and various inputs from university leaders, both public and private universities were present at the time. They submitted their views to Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission X who is hoping for a constructive idea to improve the quality of higher education in Maluku.

At the end of the event, handover of souvenirs from the Commission X in the form of plaques to the heads of universities who attended the event. Also participated in this Kunker, Director General SDID Kemenristekdikti, Prof. Ali Ghufron, Dr. Totok Director of Institutional Development of Higher Education, and Deputy Bekraf, as well as the leaders and lecturers of PTN / PTS located in Ambon Island. After the activities at the Polytechnic campus, on the way to the Governor’s office for ishoma (break), in coordination between Protocol of Unpatti, the Protocol of Team Kunker of Commission X and the Protocol of Pemda to have a stop over at the UNPATTI campus to visit the development of music studio facility which is funded by Bekraf grant and planned to be completed next year.