Hundreds of Students Participated in Spice Route Expedition 2017

Age of Exploration

Poka, 21 October 2017. The 2017 Spice Route Expedition (EJR 2017) aims to reestablish Indonesia’s maritime glory and as the world’s spice source. This expedition was conducted by Directorate of History, Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture. The expedition invites youth representatives from each province to create papers, photos and films of spice from the interaction and experience during the expedition.

EJR 2017 in Maluku which was attended by 100 youths and students who since their arrival from various provinces and centered in Balai Diklat Maluku (Center for Education and Training complex) for preparation efforts which has been done firmly by getting introduction of local culture of local area where the participants will be placed and to be blended with society. The participants are very enthusiastic about the experience and enlightenment that they will find later on the field.

After several days of expedition, finally on this day (Saturday, 21/10, 16:00 WIT), located at Student Center campus UNPATTI, Culture Affair Director General of Ministry of Education and Culture, Hilmar Farid officially closed the entire series of activities EJR 2017 in Maluku.

Head of Sub Directorate History of Ministry of Education and Culture, Agus Sudiatmoko in closing event reported the implementation of Spice Route Expedition 2017 Maluku was held from 9 to 22 October 2017. It was reported that students from various universities in Indonesia with a number of 100 people and plus students of the UNPATTI’s History Study Program are divided into five groups to be placed on five islands in Maluku. Students are divided into 20 groups of people with locations at Banda Island, Saparua, Haruku, Seram and Nusa Laut Island. They live in the house of the Raja Negeri (village head) and the house of the people to easily blend and explore.

Each location has its own unique characteristics and uniqueness that can be explored by the students, and this is a new experience for those who are certainly very impressed because indirectly they became a part of historic sailing routes which is followed  by the spice expedition through EJR 2017 in Maluku.

The results of the exploration and research of the students at the five locations in collaboration works are then shown in the form of documentary and documentation of photos held at the student center of FKIP UNPATTI.

Directore General of Education and Culture Affair, Hilmar Farid, is very pleased with the activity, the main purpose is to reflect the glory of maritime and spice world, as well as to introduce and explore the culture of the archipelago to the participants hence they can form a personality with various backgrounds and understand the cultural root of each region and also blend in local culture of local people.

In his speech, Hilmar expressed a concern, that our educational world has not responded to the real challenge in maritime logistics development. He exemplified that we have big challenges in the field of marine logistics, but there are not many schools or departments / universities courses that lead to the department / study field of marine logistics.

Similar activities within the next five years will be initiated and there is a plan to make the duration of expedition longer, but still focus to academic activities and student learning process in each university.

Hilmar hopes that Ambon which is declared as a city of music, but there is no music school yet, to be able to organize music festivals in cultural frames / platforms.

Ending his speech Hilmar advised that this activity will leave a path for similar activities in the next five years, to trace the historical expedition of spice routes that had been pioneered long time ago, he concluded.

Rector of UNPATTI, Prof. Saptenno also conveyed the message to the students that the students’ duties as participants to tell what is gained during the activities to colleagues in each university, also to the surrounding community to be more familiar with the cultural richness of the archipelago, especially in Maluku and added that UNPATTI is welcoming any cooperation to be built with the Ministry of Education in the future.