Explore Partnership Indonesian Consul in Darwin Visited UNPATTI

indonesian consul visit

Poka, 7 October 217. UNPATTI. Indonesian Consul in Darwin, Andre Siregar accompanied by Dr. (HC). Peter Styles, a consultant for Economics, Business and Trade and Deputy Chief Minister of Northern Territory – Australia, visited Ambon in order to improve partnership with Local Government, City / District Government and UNPATTI Campus. It is the fact that several potential cooperation opportunities could be done. It is based on opportunity factor of proximity distance between Northern Territory-Ambon which can initiate maritime economic potential, export potential of commodities such as nutmeg, cloves, woven crafts, tourism and others.

At the UNPATTI campus, both are welcomed by the Vice Rector of the General Administration and Finance, Dr. Tjiptabudi, SH., M.Hum and several UNPATTI structural officials, Vice Rector II, Dr. Tjiptabudi stated that this partnership will create useful opportunities for both institutions. For example, joint research, AUSAID scholarships acquisition through partnership efforts on the acquisition of certain quotas for Doctoral Lecturers, vocational education in the fields of Gas and Oil, Nursery, Agriculture, Law and Business, Fisheries, information technology and others. These will be discussed more in depth between the two decision makers. The results of the meeting will be immediately followed up by both parties in the near future.

UNPATTI is also grateful to Consul RI Darwin for facilitating the meeting between Charles Darwin University Rector (CDU) and UNPATTI Rector in Jakarta End of last August.

Also attend the meeting, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Deans, Postgraduate Program Director, Head of Institutes and Public Relations Staff. HOTUMESE