1453 Students Follow KKN Training

kkn 2017

Poka, 9 October 2017. A total of 1,453 Pattimura University students attended the Real Work Experience (KKN) Training at the Unpatti Auditorium on Monday (9/10). The debriefing conducted from October 9-10, 2017 is mandatory for the students of Pattimura University.

In the speech of Chairman of KKN Committee, D. Tahya, S.Pd., M.Pd, said that the program of debriefing KKN for batch XLIV series I in 2017 with the theme “Working Together Build From Edge”. He said this debriefing has the purpose of providing provision of knowledge and skills to the students so as to contribute positively to the Development and Empowerment of the surrounding Community.

Tahya, also added that the briefing activities were conducted for two days with the material: Bela Negara, introduction of medicine, welfare of the villagers through KKN, and the role of the Village Library made Life Better. KKN program will be launched on 13 October to 13 December 2017, added Tahya.

Vice Rector I, Prof.Dr. Ir. Frederik Rieuwpassa, MS., Said that KKN debriefing activities are activities before the students go directly to the community. ” Use the time as it should be, the materials provided in the debriefing will help you in implementing the program KKN ”, he said.

Vice Rector I also conveyed in the event that later UNPATTI students are expected to apply the knowledge that has been obtained in the lecture in the social life interaction. HOTUMESE