Seminar on the Draft for the Archipelago Provincial Governing Law at Unpatti

Poka, 20 February 2017. Chairman of the DPD RI, Mohamad Saleh in his speech stated that draft of the bill had been proposed a few years ago, even this year after having been nominated as a draft for the bill in governing the archipelagic area of ​​the Indonesia-based archipelago. It has entered the national legislation program (PROLEGNAS) in 2017. He asserted that DPD RI is ready to become the leading institution in the process of legalizing the bill. In Indonesia, there are seven provinces that have archipelago areas. These provinces are Maluku, North Maluku, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Bangka Belitung and Riau Islands.

RUU ArchipelagoMeanwhile, chairman of the DPD RI Committee Akhmand Muquan added that more than 50 drafts have been proposed in the “ProLegNas” program to be discussed this year, one of which has been proposed for the bill on the administration of the Indonesian archipelago government. Later on, he elaborated that the current view of government administration is still based on the land-area state, therefore to accommodate the needs of development in the archipelago area/region then it requires a solution in the form of regulations or laws governing the administration of the islands in the archipelago.

Rector of UnpattiThe event was also attended by deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Farouk Muhamad, Senators of DPD RI from the archipelago Provinces.

Rector of Pattimura University Prof. Dr. M.J. Saptenno, SH., M.Hum stated that the long campaign for the bill required academic studies, otherwise the existing political interest would limit the movement from those areas which might otherwise be deemed inappropriate. Further, if the archipelago provinces would achieve the legalization of the bill by the government then it is needed to correct the assumption that this campaign is a process to create another authority within the country. This correction could be delivered directly to President Jokowi Widodo. The key factor in this process is to continue the campaign in DPD RI and the institute should maintain synergy and proceed with a common vision. (Public relations/Humas)