Seminar for 2nd Batch of Community Service Participants 2016/2017

The Nationality Seminar for KKN (community service program) of UNPATTI participants was held on Monday (3/10/2107) in the UNPATTI Auditorium. It was held under the theme of “TNI together with the community:  Empowering the Potential of Maluku and North Maluku Provinces Toward a Sovereign and Self-Governing Indonesia”, and it is aimed towards community service participants. The aimed is to prepare KKN/community service participants hence they would be able to apply their knowledge that was gained during study time at the university when they arrived within the community .

KKN 2016 2017The Rector of UNPATTI, Prof. M. Saptenno stated that, in facing the community directly, community service students must be able to create community service programs which could have positive impacts within the community.

KKN 2016 2017In line with that, Pangdam XVI Pattimura, Brig. Gen. Doni Munardo stated in the event that participants have been equipped with skills and knowledge, and their personality have been enhanced with nationality values which was ​​formed during study time in university. In addition, the participants can open alternative opportunities to the community service program through their leadership in the community where they have been located.

Before this event was held, the Rector of UNPATTI, Pangdam XVI Pattimura and other prominent guests planted various crops in the locations provided by UNPATTI, as a form of awareness of nature and the Green Campus program.

This seminar was attended by all participants of KKN (community service program)  UNPATTI of 2nd batch of the Academic Year 2016/2017. Acting as panelist in the event, Prof. Dr. Alex Retraubun, Prof. Dr. Abidin Wakano, and Prof. Dr. Jhon Riry.