Establishment of Indonesian Journal Volunteer Board in Maluku

Forming of Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI) Board / Indonesian Journal Volunteer Board in Maluku was held in American Corner Room of Pattimura University Ambon which is located at the Main Library Building on January 9, 2017, The event is then followed by the first meeting of Indonesian Journal Volunteer Board of Maluku Province. The formation of the board and its first meeting were initiated by four lecturers from Pattimura University and UKIM (Universitas Kristen Maluku) Ambon. They are Prof. Dr. Ir. Agus Kastanya, MS, Esther Kembauw, SP. M.Si, Pdt. Yohanes Parihala, S.Si Teol. MS and Dr. F. Latumahina, S.Hut. MP.
Representatives from others RJI boards from Yogyakarta, Bandung, Makassar, South Sumatra, and East Java were also attended the initiated event. The forming of RJI Maluku was aimed to create an integrated group for the management of academic journals in Maluku.

RJI MalukuRJI members joined with the volunteers to contribute their thoughts, personnel and materials related to the management of electronic journals to other journals managers at universities and other institutions throughout Indonesia.

RJI MalukuThe event which was attended by almost 70 participants consisting of academic journal managers, reviewers and academic journal writers from several public and private universities in Maluku and the event was officially opened by Prof. Ir. J. W. Mosse, M.Sc. Ph.D as Vice Rector IV, Division of Cooperation, Planning and Information System of Unpatti Ambon. In his speech, Prof. Mosse stated that he is very grateful for the presence of this forum, and in the future through, it is hoped that this forum can bridge the academics area for the development of the quality of person and the quality of the institution through online journal publications. Further, Prof. Mosse stated that an academic person is required to publish his/her research results in an academic journal otherwise he/she will not complete his academic journey (Publish or Perish).

Separately, Chairman of RJI board of Province Maluku, Prof.  Dr. Ir. Agus Kastanya, MS, said that after the declaration of RJI board of Maluku Province, then it would be followed by scientific safari that will be conducted to all state universities and private universities in Ambon City, as the first step to get the attention of each university in order to lift the spirit of writing and concerning to develop academic journal as a media to publish academic research results.

He added that Indonesian RJI board was formed because the government has implemented a policy that starting in April 2016, in which academic journal accreditation process must be carried out in an online process through the ARJUNA system. There are still many journal managers who are not familiar with the management of electronic academic journals. Eventhough, this policy needs to be responded by universities and journals managers to immediately transformed into electronic journal management system.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Central RJI board, Andri. P. Kesmawan in his speech which was delivered through video conference link, warmly welcomed the establishment of RJI board in Maluku. He hoped that the universities in Eastern Indonesia could catch up with the campuses in Western Indonesia in the area of academic journal management. He also appealed to all managers of journals and authors to compete in enhancing their journals systems to be used by researchers to publish research results.

In this first meeting, a discussion forum was held and there were 3 speakers attended the forum, they are Hendry Izaac Elim, S.Si, M.Si, PhD from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Unpatti, Reverend Yohanes Parihala, S.Teol. M.Si from the UKIM and Busro from RJI Central Board who connected via video conference link.

The result of the meeting was to form an additional structure which consists of three divisions for Technology and Information, Electronic Governance, and Journals Accreditation divisions. In addition, several activities to be undertaken by RJI board in Maluku Province in 2017, which are assisting the managers of journals in Maluku which are not yet migrate to online system, build e-journal portal, assisting the managers of journals to apply the process of managing journals electronically using the Open Journal System (OJS) platform, and mentoring journals management in applying for accreditation process, therefore journal managers could be ready to submit their journals for the Journal accreditation process. (Latumahina)