Department of Mathematics of FMIPA pioneering workshop of Academic Journal Management, Writing guide for International Journal and Open Journal System (OJS) Management

Poka, 24 January 2017. One of the important aspects of Higher Education is the aspect of Research and Publication which is part of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi (Education and Teaching, Research Services of Higher Institutions). The research that leads to the publication of research results is an important part in increasing the quality and prestige of a university. The degree of publication of Indonesian researchers when compared with the publications of neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, is still relatively low, due to the culture of research and the publication and low research results / research work of Indonesian lecturers and researchers, as compared to neighboring countries. On the other hand, the existence of scientific publication media such as scientific journals in Indonesia is mostly still in the form of printed format so dissemination of research results through online media (Internet) is still relatively low and also only a few that can be indexed by the institution indexing agencies such as Google Scholar, Garuda / IPI Portal, Crossreff, AIP, DOAJ, EMBASE, Zetoc, EBSCO, Proquest, Scopus, etc. In addition, the management of scientific / academic journals are still less than the optimal which is caused thousands of existing journals in Indonesia with only a few which are accredited.

FMIPA OJSThe problem of low attention and knowledge about the management of scientific journals is also experienced by the managers of journals in Maluku Province and in Pattimura University in particular. In general, the scientific journals in Maluku Province are mostly printed / not yet have an online web page. This is due to the lack of attention in the process of managing journals, the low ability and governance of scientific journals, and the limited ability of IT from journals managers to build the web for scientific journals. Therefore, Mathematics Department of FMIPA Unpatti took an action regarding the importance to do workshop of “Management of Journal of Scientific, International Journal Writing Technique and Making Web Page Based OJS Online Journal”. This workshop was conducted for 2 days involving representative persons, Busro, S.Ud., M.Ag. the Secretary of Indonesian Journal Volunteer (RJI) Center, and Henry I. Elim, M.Sc., Ph.D., lecturer and researcher of Physics Department FMIPA Unpatti with H-Index Scopus 21.

FMIPA OJSThe training activities were attended by lecturers and managers of scientific journals from several universities in Maluku such as UKIM, IAIN, Ambon State Polytechnic, STAKPN, and journal managers at Study Program at Unpatti. The total participants who participated in the workshop were 45 people with the number of academic journals managed from 23 scientific journals consisting of 18 scientific journals in Unpatti and 5 scientific journals from outside Unpatti.