Collaborative Workshop Between Pattimura University and Kagoshima University

A collaborative workshop between Pattimura University (Unpatti) and Kagoshima University, “Future Collaboration on Island Studied between Pattimura University and Kagoshima Univesity” was held in Japan from 17-19 OctobeProf. Fumio Sumiyoshir 2016. There were 8 lecturers / researchers from Pattimura University led by the head of Research Department of Pattimura University, Prof. Dr. Rafael Osok. Each team member presented their related research results. The team consist of Dr. Gino Limmon. Dr. James Abrahamsz, Dr. Jolanda Apituley, which all from Fishery and Marine Science faculty, from Agriculture faculty Prof. Dr. Dominggus Malle, Prof. Dr. Simon Raharjo, Dr. Audrey Leatemia, and from Engineering faculty Dr. Wolter Hetharia. There were 7 presenters from Kagoshima University who had similar expertize to the presenters from Pattimura University. The presentation sessions was then followed by a session to discuss future cooperation. (right photo, Prof. Fumio Sumiyoshi gave opening speech).

The teamsouvernir exchange from Unpatti met the president of Kagoshima University Prof. Yoshizane Maeda which accompanied by the vice-presidents, Dean of Agriculture faculty, Dean of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences. The team from Unpatti also visited the fermentation laboratory of Sochu and the fruits orchard. The MoU between Pattimura University and Kagoshima University was signed in 2014. The MoU has been accomplished with various academic activities such as workshops, academic seminars, mutual researches, public lecturer (by Prof. Sota Yamamoto) and visiting professorship by Dr. Wardis Girsang from Pattimura University. (left photo: souvenir exchange between Prof. Osok (right) and Prof. Kei Kawai (left)).

Unpatti Kagoshima