The 2nd International Seminar of Basic Science (ISBS)

Background: Moluccas Province has a great potency of its ocean because about 92.4% of its area consists of oceans. This potential treasure must be exploited to increase the wealthy of Moluccas society so that a proceeded work has to be prepared in an integrated basic science. This problem needs an holistic solution with an interdisciplinary approach to link many kinds of fields. For this propose, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) of Pattimura University provides an International Seminar with the theme as “Natural Science for Exploration the Sea-Island Resources” so that in this international scientific meeting, all scientists, professional businessmen, and government leaders can contribute in an integrated system.

ISBS 2016


  1. As an international scientific meeting for all scientists, professional businessmen, and government leaders to solve the problem in ocean to increase the life quality of people.
  2. To find out the solution of ocean exploration effectively.
  3. To offer a better strategic of the synchronization especially related to research works on ocean things to medical, pharmaceutical, food productions as well as industrial products.
  4. To produce many kinds of publications both national and international in all research areas including multidisciplinary sciences.


MATHEMATICS: Analysis, Algebra, Statistic, Applied Mathematic, Combinatoric, Computational Mathematics Education, and Actuaria.

CHEMISTRY: Inorganic, Organic, Analytical, Biochemistry, and Marine Chemistry. Mathematics, Physical.

BIOLOGY: Microbiology, Ecology, Zoology, Biotecnology, and Physiology.

PHYSICS: Oceanography, Nanotechnology, Biophysics, and Geophysics.