University Graduation Event in April 2016

Special Open-Meeting of Senate of Universitas Pattimura for the purpose of celebrating the 53rd Dies Natalis and Graduation Event of Universitas Pattimura for the term April 2016 had been carry out in the main auditorium on 21 April 2016. There were 983 graduates that were inaugurated in the event. The graduates consist of 76 postgraduates, 23 medical professional graduates, and 884 undergraduates.

Graduations April 2016

Rector, Prof. Saptenno (right) congratulates a Law Faculty graduate

In details of the 884 undergraduates, 76 graduates from Law Faculty, 100 graduates from Social and Political Sciences Faculty, 188 from Economic Faculty, 395 from Teacher Training and Education Science Faculty, 66 from Agriculture Faculty, 48 from Fishery and Marine Science Faculty, 7 graduates from Engineering Faculty, 55 graduates from Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, and 9 graduates from Medical Faculty.

The cum laude award was awarded to Dedi Bagong, SE, the graduate from Accounting Study Program of Economic Faculty with grade (IPK) of 3,95 for duration of study 3 years and 7 months. The cum laude award for postgraduate level was awarded to Abdul Rachman Tatuhey from the Public Administration Study Program of Social and Political Sciences Faculty with duration of study 1 year and 3 months.

Rector of Universitas Pattimura (UNPATTI), Prof. Dr. Marthinus J. Saptenno, SH. M.Hum, in the graduation speech offered the congratulations to all graduates who were able to finish their study. “The graduation event is an important moment which has a special meaning to the graduates. This event marks the end of study period and the beginning of the period to apply the knowledge within working environment and the community. Use this event to mark the time to increase the efforts and work hard to gain success in the future” stated Prof. Saptenno.

In the framework of long-term development until 2030, Unpatti is directed to become an education institution based-on excellent research towards the development in maritime field that can compete in the International level. Rector optimistically stated that the long-term goals of the university would be achieved with the availability of current human resources at Unpatti that would be supported by an accurate and systematic planning enhanced by the commitment from all parts within the University to achieve the development targets.

At the graduation event, rector urged all sections within the University to agree on the following issues, first, to construct a long-term development plan and to revise the strategic planning of the University. Second, synchronizing the Operational Planning based-on the five academic pillars; Education, Research, Community Services, Cooperation and Management. Third, implementing the Operational Planning starting on the fiscal year of 2017. Fourth, to stepped-up the efforts in the development of the University which is based on the five academic pillars within the planning and implementation of budgeting at all faculty, department, and institutional levels.

In the efforts to increase the Estimated Education Participation Index and to answer the needs of job markets in relation to the construction of Masela Block Project, and the management of other natural resources In Maluku, then, it is the time for Unpatti to add new study programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The planning to open new study programs is in the process, and once finished, it would be presented to the Government.

Rector recalled the message from the Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education on his inauguration day on 24 February 2016, in which, the Minister in his speech urged Unpatti to provide related skilled human resources needed in engineering, social sciences, and management sciences in order to accommodate the challenges in the needs for professional workers in the construction of Masela Block Project refinery. As the follow up to the message, Unpatti is currently working to open the Mining and Oil study program and faculty.

At the event, rector also reminded and urged all graduates to offer their thanks regarding the achievements they have made, and to present the achievements to their parents and families, husbands, wives, and event to their children. Rector stated, “ I believe that through the achievements and the blessings that all of you have obtained, all of you should always remember and appreciate the efforts and supports that have given by your families towards your success”.

In closing the speech, rector said “to the parents, the University offers its gratitude towards your trusts in letting the University to educate your children, hope and pray that the graduates would have successful endeavors in their future carriers”.

The representative for the Governor of Maluku Province, Drs. Frangky Renjaan, M.Pd. MH, the First Assistance to the Governor, read the Governor’s speech for the celebration of the 53rd Dies Natalis of Universitas Pattimura.

There are 3 meaning obtained from the existence of Unpatti as a higher education institution in Maluku. First, the University was build based on the pillar of Pancasila Democracy and it has become the center to develop nationalism towards the Nation. Therefore, building the University means building the foundation and Nationalism fortress. If this principle is understood, the University was build to strengthen the culture of Maluku. Therefore, the choice to build the University in Maluku is the right choice to integrate Maluku culture as a part of the National culture. Second, the establishment of Unpatti is an acknowledgement of the Republic and Nation towards the existence of Maluku as a province which contributes to the creation of Indonesia as a country. Third, the existence of Unpatti is a confirmation that in the East of Nusantara, the development of Unpatti represents the development of Maluku.

“This graduation event indicates that the dynamics of education in Maluku is still on the pace, and it has gained its revival momentum in the middle of education problems and obstacles in Maluku. There is joy shown today, since it is the first time for the new rector, Prof. Saptenno to lead the graduation event and the extraordinary senate public meeting for April 2016. This a sign that there is a continuation in the succession of leaders within the University as it is should be”, Mr. Renjaan stated.

In the closing of Governor’s speech, Mr. Renjaan offers his congratulations towards all achievements made by Unpatti, furthermore, he said “we still have the responsibilities to prepare Maluku’s future, that is a progressive Maluku, Maluku with highest standards because Maluku has the potential human resources with high competitiveness power”.

Alumni Presentation

Alumni presentation to the Alumni Association of Universitas Pattimura was carried out through the symbolic presentation of the graduates from rector to the chairman of Unpatti Alumni Association, Dr. Romelus Far-Far who also has an official position as the head of Marine and Fishery Office of Maluku Province.


Alumni presentation from Rector, Prof. Saptenno to the chairman of the Alumni Association, Dr. Romelus Far-Far (above)


Graduation Exercise for Law Faculty Graduates

Poka Campus, 15 April 2016. Yudisium or graduation exercise is an academic process in which a student is declared have passed all the requirements to be graduated. The final grade of a student is announced and the grade will be become the official record on the academic transcript for the graduation. The final grade is determined based on overall achievement and the period of study of a student. The final grade was determined by the academic officials which have the authority in a faculty within Universitas Pattimura through a special meeting.

Law Faculty Graduates

Inauguration of 86 graduates of Law Faculty were carried out on 15 April 2016 based on the letter of decree issued by the Dean of Law Faculty Number 30/UN13.1.1/SK/2016 regarding special public meeting of the senate of Law Faculty for the purpose of Yudisium and graduation within the faculty for April 2016 term. The event was opened by singing Indonesian National Anthem and followed by the reading of the decree letter, graduation oath, the inauguration of graduates and the presentation of the graduates to the alumni association of Law Faculty were carried out at the event. The presentation of the graduates to the Law Faculty Alumni Association is aimed to bring the new graduates into their professional occupation.

The event was attended by the founding father of Law Faculty and senior lecturer; J. Leiwakabessy, M. A. H. Tahapary, Prof. Lokollo, also academic and administrative staffs, students, lecturers, and parents / relatives of the graduates.

There were several awards presented at the event. Awards for 5 top graduated students were given to Julio A.R. Sopacua (IPK 3,89), Nensi Muskita (IPK, 3,84), Fadhil A.R. Sanaky (IPK 3,79), Ierene J.H. Siahailatua (IPK 3,79) dan Maikel Maturbongs (IPK 3,72).

Special awards related to tourism were Barnev Soukota, First Winner I for the male genre at the provincial level, Martial Marlissa, Third Winner for the male genre at the provincial level , Monica Hukom, Third Winner for the female genre at the provincial level

Awards presentation were also given to academic staff Valliyda Anita Peter, SH, MH for 28 years and 10 months working time at the faculty and to an administrative staff, Jacob Soplantila for 35 years and 1 months working time at the faculty.

J. A. R. Sopacua

Julio A. R. Sopacua, the top rank graduate, in his speech representing all of the graduates offered gratitude towards all graduates, lecturers and academic staffs of the faculty who had contributed through all graduates education processes. The processes have contributed invaluable knowledge to the graduates hence they are ready to enter the stage of their life.

Graduates representative, J. A. R. Sopacua (left)

Supports from parents and families are the most important thing that contributed to graduates success. The education efforts of the faculty staffs have contributed to the knowledge and skills gained that form educated persons who will soon enter the professional / working environment. The graduates present their achievement as gifts to the families as their thanks toward all the efforts and supports given during the time of their studies. The graduates are now ready to contribute their knowledge to the community of the nation, hence pray and supports are for them. Sopacua finished his speech by chanting the motto of Law Faculty “Ad Augusta Per Angusta”.

A speech also presented by Lutfi Sanaky, SH, M.Hum, the representative from a parents of the graduates. Sanaky offered his gratitude and honor to the civitas academica of Law Faculty of Universitas Pattimura that had successfully educate and guide the graduates, hence they have finished their study.

Parents representative

Sanaky himself is also an alumnus of the Law Faculty who now has a position as a representative at the Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) of Maluku Province.

Parents representative, Lutfi Sanaky (right)

He added that the graduates should continue to improve their knowledge and improve their skill to be become a professional who have good morals and ethics. He also added that the graduates should never forget their alma mater, the Law Faculty of Universitas Pattimura.

At the end of his speech, he also remarked on the issue regarding the operation of Masela Natural Gas Block that when opened, would need thousands of professional work force. Law Faculty of Universitas Pattimura should made ready to provide the needed professional human resource.

It is hoped that Universitas Pattimura, Rector and all staffs could carry out research and evaluation and to realize a faculty for the study of oil and mining. At the provincial level, the Regional People’s Representative Assembly (DPRD) and the governor have had meeting with all companies that would manage the Masela Block regarding the operation of the Masela Block. Further, the Provincial Government would provide the fund for the student of Maluku to study in the field of Oil, Gas, and Mining specialty. Sanaky stressed that we should take part in the development of the Masela Block as the professional human resource, hence will not to be spectator only.

Dr. Janes Leatemia, SH, MH, the head of Law Faculty Alumni Association elaborated in his speech that Indonesia in the era of Asean Economy Community (MEA) would need professional and skilled human resource, especially in the law sector. In anticipating the opening and operation of Masela Block then law experts are needed to answer international law problems which may arise in the filed of civil, state craft, and international relations.

Alumni Assoc Rep.

As the head of Alumni Association, he state that the Association has the responsibility to empower the graduates hence they would have better chances to have jobs.

Dr. J. Leateamia, head of Alumni Assoc. (left)

He stated the law graduates have chances to work in many areas, as long as they are eager to work. This a benefit as a law faculty graduates. Further he quoted a saying, “Life and make mistakes would seem honorable then always right without doing nothing”.

The head of Law Faculty senate, Dr. J. Tjiptabudi, SH, M.Hum in his speech, remained the graduates regarding the importance of parents/families supports hence they are able to succeed in their study.

He hoped that in another similar event, there would be more parents that attend the event since the event is very important moment to the Law Faculty to present the graduates to their families. At the of his speech, Tjiptabudy commented on the responsibility of Universitas Pattimura as the Higher Education Institution in Maluku to provide skilled human resources in anticipating the recruitment for jobs, once the Masela Block operates in the near future.

Senate Representative

Tjiptabudi hoped that through the attendance Mr. Sanaky as a Regional People’s Representative Assembly member, the message could reach the provincial and central governments regarding the need to give full support and attention to Universitas Pattimura, which currently needs to improve the availability of its academic infrastructures, hence the University needs funding supports from the government.

Dr. J. Tjiptabudi, senate representative (right)

There are many responsibilities taken by the University regarding the preparation for the opening of the new faculties in anticipating the operation of Masela Block gas industry, hence the government should support the University through the availability of appropriate funding.

Vice Rector One

The vice rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Riadh Uluputty, MP, in his speech representing rector, congratulated the new graduates for their achievements as an initial success in life and hopes that they could continue their endeavor in the future to work in their field of knowledge and expertise.

Dr. R. Uluputty, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs  (left)

Uluputty added the graduates should uphold the integrity the alma mater and also the integrity of themselves in all of their efforts to apply their knowledge and expertise for the community, the nation and the country.