Cooperation Between Unpatti and the National Police

Monday, 25 April 2016. Rector of Unpatti, Prof. Saptenno hosted a meeting with the visiting Drs. Budi Siswanto, MH, Police Senior Commissioner, the head of Education and Training Bureau for Human Resources of National Police Headquarter. The purpose of the visit of Mr. Siswanto is to consolidate a signing of cooperation MoU between these two institutions.

rector and mr. siswantoThe cooperation scopes will covers areas such as Education and Training, Analysis, Research and Institutional Developments, Availability of Teaching Staff and Experts, and Others sectors that would be determined later.

In this context, cooperation between Unpatti and National Police has been established before at a district level with the District Headquarter of National Police in Maluku. It is shown by existence of several police staffs registered as students at Unpatti. The level of cooperation would be leverage to the National level through the new planned MoU between Unpatti and National Police Headquarter. Both parties agreed to schedule the signing of MoU between 16 – 20 May 2016.

In relation to this planned MoU, Rector stated that currently there are more then ten staffs of District Police Headquarter which registered as undergraduate students at Faculty of Law of Unpatti.

Furthermore, in the area of higher education development, currently Universitas Pattimura has received the agreement to establish several extended undergraduate programs at Southwest Maluku in Law, Teacher Training, Mathematics, Accounting, English, and Animal Husbandry. In Aru Islands the extended undergraduate programs are in Law, Accounting, Mathematics, English, Sports, Health and Recreational. The opening of the extended programs will provide opportunity to the development of human resources include Police officers who work in the areas.

It is hoped that the planned cooperation between both parties would produce an integrated synergy in serving the activities of the community.