Hippocratic Oath Taking & Inauguration of Graduates of Medical Faculty

Thursday, 14 April 2016. The Faculty of Medicine of Unversitas Pattimura had taken the Hippocratic oath and carried out the inauguration for 14 of its graduates. The graduates are from the third batch of the faculty for April 2016 inauguration. This event has added the total number of graduates of the faculty to become 26, as reported by Dr. Maria Nindatu, the vice dean for academic affairs.

Rector of Unpatti

Rector, Prof. M. J. Saptenno, speaking in the inauguration event

The ceremony was attended by the representatives from Maluku Province government, the head of Indonesian Medical Association of Maluku dr. Ade Tuanakotta, the founding fathers of the faculty, dr. F. Atihuta and dr. Ris Soegiono, also the management of level staff of the university, lecturers, students and parents and relatives of the graduates.

The inauguration speech of the governor of Maluku Province was presented by the first assistant of the governor, Drs. Frangky Renjaan, M.Pd, M.H. In the presented speech, the governor gave his appreciation towards the succession of study of the graduates and hopes that the young medical graduates could contribute to the improvement of community health in Maluku. Also, the inauguration event could be a strategic stepping point to provide young medical staffs that are needed most in Maluku.

Dean of the faculty, Dr. dr. J. Manuputty, M.PH inaugurated the 14 graduates and suggests that they should joint the internship program by the government to post fresh medical graduates at rural areas around Indonesia.

After the Hippocratic oath taking and inauguration event, the fresh graduates are symbolically presented to the Indonesian Medical Association in Maluku Province.

Rector Prof. M. J. Saptenno, admires the competitiveness and the efforts shown by the graduates who were able to show their achievements in finishing the study that have been supported by their families. Furthermore, Prof. Saptenno elaborated that improvement of the qualification level of the staffs at Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Pattimura has become an important plan of the university in improving the qualification level of its graduates. The university has planned to add 4 new building and related laboratories to the faculty. In addition, the Hospital of Maluku Province is currently under construction, once finished, it would be used to answer the medical needs of the community and also would be used as an academic infrastructure for the medical education at Universitas Pattimura.

The ceremonial event was closed by souvenirs presentation from the new graduates to their parents, followed by thanksgiving pray, photos taking and a luncheon.