Preparational Briefing for Student in Community Service Program

Wednesday, 30 March 2016, preparational briefing for the second of 42nd batch of community service program for student in the academic year 2015/2016 was held in the main auditorium. The theme for this batch program is “Through the community service, students and community learn together to arrange the environment and to support the successful implementation of a food self-support in Maluku”. The number of participants of the program is 1558 students. The briefing was opened by the vice rector for academic affairs Dr. Riadh Uluputty, MP, and it is scheduled to be carried out for two days.

briefing participants

the participants of the briefing (above)

The vice rector in his opening speech informed the participants that through the theme of the program, the students are demanded to provide enlightenment to community regarding the clean and arranged environment based on the theme chosen.

In the area of food self-support which is a national program, as a part of a strategic plans of the government in the agriculture field that is aimed to provide the stability of food supply towards a better living condition for community. In Maluku, this program prioritizes the areas of staple foods such as sago, vegetables, and tubers. These kinds of staple foods must be maintained and widely endorsed through the research programs by lecturers and students.

the first vice rectorIn closing his speech, the vice rector for academic affairs firmly stated that students should give attention towards and finished the briefing program. Therefore, they would be well prepared when they arrive at the community service program locations. In addition, students should maintain a well-manner behavior and keep save in order to uphold the integrity of the university.

the vice rector for academic affairs (right)

In the report from the head of the community program batch Ir. Chris W. Patty, MP explained that the aim of the preparational briefing of the community service program is to unified perception and to provide the students to contribute qualified knowledge, ideas, intentions and efforts according to the mastered theories that have been learned within the areas of study.

In addition, the community service office of the university has also build a cooperation with the Ministry of General Infrastructure Works. The realization of the cooperation is to arrange clean rural community areas in Ambon city. The initial analysis towards the cooperation program has been carried out in Ambon city rural areas such as Benteng, Wainitu, Rijali, Batugajah and Batumerah. There is also a cooperation program with the National Supervisory Board for Drugs and Food of Maluku Province. The cooperation will proceed with a community briefing regarding the use and consumption of drugs and food in several villages within the central Maluku and Western Seram districts. All activities of the community service program will be carried out within two months period, from 4 April – 4 June 2016.

head of programhead of the program (left).

The head of the community service for the second batch of 2016 program informed also that there would be a community works held in cooperation with Ambon City government to clean the surroundings of Ambon city coastal areas, in Poka beach and Marthafons peninsula. The event is planned to be held on 8 April 2016.



Administrative Briefing for Accreditation Process and Quality Assurance

Poka, 28 March 2016 – The development of a new paradigm that is triggered by the rapid technological advances and the increased competition has urged a university to prioritized a sustainable quality improvement. This priority must be maintained and optimized to achieve the condition where quality has become a culture of life of civitas academica of Unpatti.

Representing the rector, the First Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. R. Uluputty accompanied by Ir. Wem Talakua, M.P. (secretary of quality assurance office of Unpatti) welcomed the team of reviewers chaired by Prof. Dr. Tirza Hanum, M.S. (professor in agricultural technology science of Lampung University) and other members of the team, Dr. M. Manongar representing the Directorate of Quality Assurance of DIKTI and Dr. Muh. Seloh (reviewer). The team has visited Unpatti to present an administrative briefing regarding accreditation process and quality assurance in a university.

bimtek presenter
In the opening ceremony of the event, Dr. R. Uluputty elaborated that this activity is very important one and it has been proved to provide benefits for the targeted university. This briefing is needed in relation to the preparation of accreditation processes that would be carried out to increase the accreditation level of 11 study programs in Unpatti.

The First Vice Rector added that both the new elected rector and the previous one and all staffs have given full attention toward academic works especially in increasing the accreditation level of study programs in Unpatti. He reminded that the new elected rector has constantly focused on the efforts and obligations to improve the academic quality in Unpatti. He added “If the National Standard for Universities has been implemented and used accordingly then it would improve the quality and competitiveness power of Unpatti”.

In closing his speech, Dr. R. Uluputty hoped that at the end of the event, the participants which consists of head study programs and the supporting teams for undergraduate and postgraduate programs could better perform the administrative tasks needed in the accreditation process. This is to ensure chances to achieve the optimum results or scores. This effort must be supported by and have the commitment from the top-level management apart from the supports of standardized academic infrastructures available at Unpatti, in other to achieve the targets.

In supporting the effort to accelerate the achievement of quality culture, the Directorate General of Belmawa of DIKTI via Quality Assurance Directorate through the presenter/reviewer, Prof. Dr. Tirza Hanum, Dr. Manongar and Dr. Muh. Seloh would carry out 2-days briefing (28-29 March) for heads of the study programs and the member of accreditation administrative support team at Unpatti. This would help the participants to do problems solving mapping in accreditation process in order to follow the requirements of Standards 1 – 7. This briefing event is administered by the Internal Quality Assurance Office of Unpatti.