Second Intake of Scientific Diving Training at Unpatti

In supporting the maritime development, the Marine Center of Pattimura University (Unpatti) carried out diving training and scientific diving (coral reefs and coral fish research) programs. The Second Intake of the training was attended by 15 participants which representing participants from university students, high school students, members of NGO and other community members.

Scientific diving

The opening ceremony of the diving training program was attended by the Fourth Vice Rector Prof. Dr. J. W. Mosse, M.Sc, the head of University Research Institution Prof. Dr. Ir. Rafael Osok, M.Sc and the head of Marine Center Dr. net. net. Gino V. Limmon, M.Sc

In his briefing at the opening ceremony, the Fourth Vice Rector who represented Rector, gave the support towards the training and stated that the training is a realization of Pattimura University commitment to support the development of Government’s Sea-Highway Program through the efforts to increase skills and ability researchers to work in various fields, in which certified divers are needed.

The training was aimed to increase the skills of student of Unpatti to compete in the era of MEA (ASEAN Economic Community). This aim is also applied to other participants. In the occasion, the Fourth Vice Rector also presented diving certificates for 14 participants who had attended the training in the First Intake.

The head of Marine Center of Pattimura University, Dr. Gino Limmon added that by the full support of the University, the Marine Center has been able to become a Learning Center for Scientific Diving. The scientific-diving training would be held once or twice annually.

In addition, the other objective of the training is in preparing the Marine Center of Pattimura University to become a National Center of Scientific Diving in Indonesia, then the training was held as part of a routine activities which must be carried out based on the competency of human resource of the University, in order to support the development of human and natural resources in Maluku.

The successful participants were awarded Level-1 (1-Star Level) certificates of POSSI (Persatuan Olahraga Senam Seluruh Indonesia – the Indonesian Diving Sport Union) or Open Water Diver Certificates. The certificates were presented to the participants by Ir. Pieter Manihin (Level-2 instructor). The training for coral reefs and coral fish scientific diving for was presented by Dr. Gino Limmon and Ir. F. Rijoly, M.Si. Interested parties to the training may contact the Marine Center of Pattimura University at sdlc.unpatti@gmail.com