The Opening of New Doctoral Study Programs

The governor of Maluku Province Ir. Said Assagaf and Rector of Pattimura University Prof. Dr. Thomas Pentury, M.Si attended the opening event of the new doctoral study programs of Pattimura University. The new opened doctoral study programs are Law Science of Law Faculty and Marine Science of Fishery and Marine Science Faculty. The event was held on 9 February 2016 at Swiss Bell Hotel Ambon.

The opening of the new doctoral study programs was granted by the Government through the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Decree Number 28/KPT/2016 dated 20 January 2016.

Ir. Said Assagaff commented that the opening of the new doctoral study program in Law and Marine Science is an acknowledgement from the Government towards the improvement of lecturer competency and availability of academic infrastructure at Pattimura University.

In his speech, Ir. Said Assagaff stated that with the opening of the two new doctoral study programs, the programs could be used to answer the challenges in providing skilled human resource in Maluku. “The existence of the two new doctoral study programs could answer the challenges and our needs in Maluku”, said Assagaff.

Furthermore, the Governor added that producing graduated students which have ability in scientific research in order to formulate new approach that suit the needs to solve problems and development challenges in archipelago province. In addition, it would help in the context of a better and accurate Law interpretation.

Continued the speech, the governor emphasized that Maluku has vast number of natural resources, which currently cannot fully utilized for a better living condition. This is caused by several fundamental factors. One of these factors is that the socio-cultural paradigm of the National development direction is too oriented toward continental development plan.

In a judicial view, the current Law system inherited in Indonesia is sided to the continental-based development plan. However, the technical skills and the quality of human resources to answer the needs of continental-based development plan are not adequately available.

Therefore, the opening of the new doctoral study program in Law and Marine Sciences provide possibilities by which the postgraduate program could be a Center of Excellence in higher education and in the development of science, technology and art which are based on an archipelago-based context.

It is inline with the vision and mission of Pattimura University. This is related to a firm development condition in Maluku that was based on the principles of peaceful, religious, prosperity, security, high quality and it is driven by Siwalima democratic spirit in a sustainable archipelago-based foundation.

In the occasion, Rector, Prof. Dr. Thomas Pentury, M.Si, emphasized that the opening of the new doctoral study programs has open a new accessed area in Pattimura University. In addition, it shows the acknowledgement of the Government through the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education towards the quality of academic staff in postgraduate study at Pattimura University.

Prof. Pentury acknowledged that the initial signs for the opening of these two new study programs had been shown about two years ago. In this context, the permission to open master and doctoral study programs had been prepared through the preparation of academic infrastructure and the academic staff prior to receiving the operational permission.

Rector added that for the two new study programs that are recently opened, had received operational permission and are required to continue with the development of management capacity, hence the programs could produced skilled human resource in the future.