Inaugural Ceremony for the New Professors

On 18 January 2016, a special senate meeting was held and it was led by the rector of Pattimura university (Unpatti) in the occasion of inauguration ceremony of two new professors in Unpati. These two professors are Prof. Dr. Ir. Johan Riry, MP (Weed Science from Agricultural Faculty) and Prof. Ruslin Hadanu, S.Pd, M.Si (Chemistry education from Teacher Training Faculty).

Inaugural ceremony

In his inaugural speech under the title “Weed Management in Supporting Sustainable Food Self-Sufficiency in Small Islands”, Prof. Dr. Ir. Johan Riry, MP stated that he is grateful that after 22 years of work as a lecturer, finally, the Republic of Indonesia Government though the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has granted him the professorship title in the Agricultural Science especially in Weed Science. He firmly stated in the conclusion of the inaugural speech that weed management is an art in managing weeds hence it would prevent the negatively impacts to human, both in economical and ecological views. Therefore, we have to be wise so we would prevent making erroneous decisions that lead to destruction of island ecosystem. Yanked-out weeds must not be burned but they must be paved with the remained of harvested crops to become organic fertilizers. This will function as a renewable soil nutrients source.

In the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Ruslin Hadanu, S.Pd, M.Si presented the inaugural speech under the topic “Past, Present and Future Role of Carbon Compound and Group in the Pharmaceuticals Industry”. He elaborated that carbon compound group is an important group in Organic Chemistry since, almost all of the process of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals synthesis processes are utilizing carbon compound group. These include visual observation processes that involve the reactions of carbon compound group. At the end, it is clear that there are many carbon-based groups in many natural and synthetic compounds that contain carbon.