Public Lecture by the Minister of PolHuKam

Pattimura university (Unpatti) held a public lecture with the topic “Development of Human Resources and Economic from Politics, Law and Security Aspects” on 6 October 2015. The speaker was the Coordinator Minister for Politics, Law and Security (Polhukam), Gen. (Ret.) Luhut B. Pandjaitan. In the public lecture, the Minister explained that Indonesia economic has been transformed to be a manufacturing economic, even though the transformation is merely noted by many. The young generations (students in Indonesia, Maluku) have to face the impact of the transformation.

Polhukam Minister

Furthermore, the Minister added that in the near future when the mega project of Masela natural gas becomes operational then it would create many vacant job positions therefore, Pattimura university (Unpatti) has to be prepared in supplying skilled human resources hence Unpatti could become a part of the mega project.

“You (students) have to be part of the project, see an aware that Freeport has been built by foreign workers. For the Masela project, you have to be serious, do not blame other people which later incite anger and other issues. While, yourselves fail to prepare skills needed to compete with foreign workers”, said the Minister.

In addition, the Minister explained that currently there are two challenges that are faced by the world. The first one is radicalism ideology and drugs use/trafficking. However, government has continued the monitoring process toward radical groups and has taken preventive measures to ensure the safety of Indonesian people.

In relation to the danger of drugs and narcotics, he emphasized that Indonesia has become a market target by many syndicates. Police and the Board of National Intelligent have joined their operation toward prevention and eradication of narcotics and drugs. This is to prevent the distribution of drugs and narcotics. Cooperation between the Government and other community, religion organizations is needed to improve the Government’s anti drugs and narcotics campaigns.

Furthermore, the Minister stated that Indonesia has been challenged by the global economics challenges that is the slowing down of economics growth rate which is also faced by both developed and developing countries.