GenRe Program of BKKBN

Universitas Pattimura achieved another winning prestige recently after two of it students were elected as student ambassadors for GenRe program 2015 for Maluku Province. The selection of GenRe program ambassadors in Maluku Province was held on 13 May 2015. As the result, the first winners for both Male and Female categories were won by two representatives from Universitas Pattimura. The male winner of GenRe Program selection 2015 for Maluku Province was awarded to Leunard Dominggus Pattipeilohy and the female winner was awarded to Fransiska Matulessy both are students from Law Faculty postgraduate program of Universitas Pattimura. These two winners were selected out of 20 participants which came from other higher institutions; IAIN, UKIM Ambon and STIKES Pasapua in Ambon City.

In his speech, the head of BKKBN representative office of Maluku Province, Drs. DJufri Assegaff hoped that the elected student ambassadors could be public figures and motivators among students and young generation for the purpose of establishing family planning generation. In this context, young generation could gain knowledge through education while acting and enjoying their life and at the same time having a better planning for their future. Drs. Djufri Assegaff added that the winner of GenRe program for student ambassadors could represent Maluku Province in the national level selection for 2015, and continue the campaign from previous elected ambassadors to obtain better achievement for the prestige of Maluku Province.

The GenRe program is a program and a competition which was developed by the BKKBN that focuses to get the participants from youths aged 10 to 24 years old, higher education / university students which are not married and consider to the life of young people. The aim of the GenRe program is to prepare youths in their future life in having a family. It is to prepare young generation to have a better planning in their study, carrier and marriage in relation to their reproduction cycles.

To carry out the GenRe program, the BKKBN has carried out activities such as promotions program to delay the marriage time, in order to give priority to study and carrier for youths. According to the program, the recommended age for a first marriage time is at least at the age of 21 years old. This promotion is also aimed to explain human reproduction system. In this context, the aim is to provide a broad availability of human reproduction system, also to increase the GenRe program representatives number (PIK R/M) in academic institution / universities, religion organizations, youth organizations, and the improvement of human resource quality of GenRe program participants, obtaining supports and commitments from stakeholders and working partners in the management of the GenRe program. There is also a health promotion program for a better marriage, parenting and family planning.

Genre program UnpattiPhoto: Rector (left) and the 3rd Vice Rector (far right) with the GenRe Program winners of 2015 from Universitas Pattimura. The GenRe program National first winner of 2014,  a student from Universitas Pattimura (second from right).

The strategies of the GenRe program are regulations and synchronization of the GenRe program campaign in order to provide a better family planning for young generation. Increase of the commitment and role of the stakeholders and working partners in achieving and preparing a family planning for young generation. Involve the stakeholder movement and empowerment, working partners, families in the GenRe program campaign for a better life planning to young generation. The increase quality and quantity of the human resource that manage the program, PS, KS and the GenRe program agents in order to achieve the main aim of the program. (Raimond C. Noya).