Picture of the Day: Green

Green fingers

Many areas at Universitas Pattimura campus in Poka – Ambon are covered and surrounded by trees and bushes as it is shown in the picture below. The coverage of tree branches which are added by small trees and bushes give a natural green environment to the campus complex. During a clear day, the green areas around the campus provide good places to walk or sit while enjoying the natural surroundings. The picture below was taken near the front yard of the main library building. If you have a chance to be at Universitas Pattimura, do not miss to walk the location and enjoy the view. At Universitas Pattimura, we enjoy the green surrroundings. We strive to have a comfort and pleasant academic environment as much as we strive to care to the nature around us. We welcome you to Universitas Pattimura, even if you are only a visitor to our place at the world wide web.

Green Unpatti