Assessor of BAN-PT Visitation on 10-12 May 2015 at Unpatti

It was planned that on 10 to 12 May 2015, the team from National Accreditation Board for Higher Institution (BAN-PT) will visit Universitas Pattimura for accreditation process. The accreditation is a requirement for all higher education institutions / universities, faculties or departments in order to be able to grant a qualified certificate for students who … Read More

The 52nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Pattimura

The 23th of April 2015 is an important date for University Pattimura since at that date, the university celebrated its 52nd anniversary. At the 52nd celebration event, the university also held its first part of the annual graduation events. There were 1824 graduants were officially graduated by the university. The graduation event is an triumphant … Read More

Proposal Writing Training at Unpatti

Students of a university are potential candidates to become agents of changes in the development of their countries. In this context, these students are needed to keep on innovating in order to create changes that can bring advantages to community. Therefore, in order to improve the ability of students in their creativity thinking, Universitas Pattimura … Read More