SBMPTN 2014 Result Announcement for Unpatti

Announcement of National Committee of SBMPTN 2014 No: 322/Ketum/2014

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About the Stipulation of SBMPTN 2014 Result

Based on the meeting for stipulation of result of SBMPTN 2014 which was attended by all Rectors or Vice Rectors for Academic Affairs from Public Universities, the members of SBMPTN 2014, held on 13 t0 16 July 2014, herewith is the announcement of list of names that passed the SBMPTN 2014 selection test. This announcement was provided with the explanations as follows:

  1. This announcement is the only official result published by the National Committee of SBMPTN 2014 which can be accessed through the official website of SBMPTN and through others online media. Whenever there were differences in the data in between several media, the one that should be used as official reference is the result or document that was published by the National Committee and the data that appeared in the official website of National Committee of SBMPTN 2014.
  2. The results announcement of SBMPTN 2014 is inviolable and the National Committee would never receive nor send written communication regarding the result.
  3. Bidikmisi program participants who had been stipulated to pass the selection of SBMPTN 2014, the corresponding university will do the verification of economics data or financial information and / or will proceed with visitation to the residential address of the participants in order to determine the status of Bidikmisi admission for the candidates who will received Bidikmisi education grant.
  4. SBMPTN 2014 participants that had been stipulated in this announcement that had passed the selection process are needed to consult the requirements and conditions and the re-registration schedule at the official website of corresponding universities.


Jakarta, 16 July 2014
Chairman,ttdGanjar Kurnia
NIP. 195601031981031004
General Secretary,ttdTri Yogi Yuwono
NIP. 196001291987011001