Frontpage Enhancement

The front page of paper repository has been modified to implement a better web page pagination application which also provides advanced search and record filtering features. It provides better searching functionality that offer higher flexibility in tailoring users’ search needs. The sample of new front page is depicted in the figure below.

Repo new frontpage

The new front page has a general search form which is positioned at the top right of the page. In addition, it also has specific search forms or filters at the bottom for each fields of paper title, author, volume & issue number and year of publication. The new front page is set up to show the first 10 papers or records as its default display. User can change number of records displayed to 25, 50 or 100 records by using the pull down menu. Furthermore, it provides sorting function for each fields (i.e., ascending and descending sorting). To change default sorting of each field, click on each one of the small triangles located at each column header of the front page table. The new front page has previous and next feature to move between pages of the records. The previous and next buttons are located at the bottom right of the page. Use these button to move along pages that contains record which exceeded 10, 25, 50 or 100 results of a search process. The search features can be combined, for example, let say that is it is needed to search all papers that have keyword title analisa which published on 2011. To do it, type the word analisa at the bottom Paper search form and type 2011 at the bottom Tahun search form and instantly, the search results would be shown. For users who prefer to use the old version of the front page, click on the Versi Lama link which is located at top right of the new front page layout. Click to visit the new front page of paper repository.