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Judul Peran Ganda Perempuan Dalam Keluarga
Penulis Mailod Latuny
Jurnal SASI Vol. 18 Issue 1 hal. 13-20 Thn 2012 (Hukum)
Keywords  Dual Roles, Women
Abstract In modern life, and in todays era of development of Indonesian women demanded and often motivated to contribute more than that, not limited to husbands care, child care and housekeeping. Many women are not satisfied in just three roles above, and often family economic circumstances demanded that he work out, or find an activity that can increase the family income. The double role of women in the family is to improve the welfare of the family. Woman in the household plays an important role, especially in order to assist and educate the children, though it is necessary taps considerable time from a mother to her children. Women who work outside the home will also affect domestic life, whether positively or negatively impact
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